Graduate student
Graduate Degree Program in Ecology
Department of Statistics

Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO

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About me

I am a PhD candidate in ecology working in Colleen Webb’s lab at Colorado State University. I am interested in coupling mechanistic and statistical models to make inference about the structure of the network processes driving community and/or disease dynamics.


  1. Leach, C. B., Webb, C. T., & Cross, P. C. (2016). When environmentally persistent pathogens transform good habitat into ecological traps. R. Soc. Open Sci., 3(3), 160051. article.
  2. Pepin, K. M., Leach, C. B., Marques-Toledo, C., Laass, K. H., Paixao, K. S., Luis, A. D., … Webb, C. T. (2015). Utility of mosquito surveillance data for spatial prioritization of vector control against dengue viruses in three Brazilian cities. Parasites and Vectors, 8(1), 98. article.



Colorado State University
PhD Candidate, Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, expected 2017.
M.S., Department of Statistics, expected 2017.
Harvey Mudd College
B.S. Mathematical Biology, 2010.